DP technical design - our office

Communication and data processing

Almost our entire data processing takes place in the office. Each of our 15 workstations is equipped with the latest VISI CAD-CAM software.

Here, tools are designed, electrodes are modelled and data are prepared for milling, wire erosion and laserCusing in addition to generating the corresponding programs. We receive data from customers in direct exchange so that, for example, we can evaluate changes at short notice and quickly implement them.


Compatibly networked: Data communication - Design - Programming

Data communication: Data model 2-component part

Programming and simulation

5-axis blank machining

5-axis hard part finish milling

Process control

3D model creation - rapid prototyping

Electrode modulation, milling programming

Electrode HSC milling

Fully automatic electrode and workpiece measurement

Fully automatic changeover of electrodes and pallets

Programming of wire erosion

Start hole erosion

Wire erosion

Tool design - data processing

Mould insert modelling, LaserCusing

Incorporated cooling channel

Melting process

Finished mould insert

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